• Body scale
    Body scale

    Body scales are frequently used in daily life. When you find your clothes are tight, when you work overtime continuously, when you feel that you need to lose weight, when you have not weighed in a long time, you must use it to weigh. Body scales can also be given as a small gift to your friends. Body scales can monitor body weight and check indoor temperature. Body scales is convenient to use, does not occupy space, and can also be used as a home decoration. The price is affordable and fully meets the daily use requirements of ordinary people.

    Body scales uses high-precision sensors to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data. Replace the original 5MM glass with 6MM tempered glass to ensure firmness and resistance to breakage. Recyclable ABS plastic is used to protect the environment. Optimize battery energy saving strategy, daily use can be used for more than 6 months.

    Our factory provides various OEM services: LOGO customization, color customization, pattern design, packaging design, picture and video services, etc.

  • Smart scale
    Smart scale

    Smart scale is a must-have electronic product for people who love fitness. Smart scale can continuously record body fat and muscle data and display the trend curve of the data in APP. If you haven't measured body fat percentage and other data before, Smart scale can also satisfy your curiosity. Smart scale is also widely used in the beauty industry. One scale can add 8 users to use by the whole family. The packaging design of the smart scale is more high-end and can be given as a business gift.

    We have a wealth of product series to choose from, including the cost-effective C series, as well as the ITO series and WIFI series that reflect the latest technology.

    We continue to improve the accuracy of APP data based on big data. We provide customized APP services, and we can help customers realize their APP according to the customer's brand concept. Our products are joining the big health plan. Our products are joining the big health plan. The whole plan includes: sports bracelets, sports watches, blood pressure monitors, smart scales and other body testing equipment. Later, we will add more content in the APP, such as body shape assessment, exercise plan, weight loss knowledge and so on.

  • Kitchen scale
    Kitchen scale

    The kitchen scale is a must-have product in the kitchen. In order to make delicious food, you need to accurately weigh the various raw materials in the food. Kitchen scales can also weigh food to help you understand your daily intake of calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrate.

    Kitchen scales are a good helper for baking. When making cakes, help you accurately put the ingredients according to the ingredient list to ensure the taste of the cake.

    There are two development trends for kitchen scales. One is miniaturization. They can even be small enough to fit in a pocket. This product can help you use kitchen scale anytime, anywhere. The other is a large one. This kitchen scale has a large product size and is only suitable for use in the kitchen, and can stably place various food materials. Our kitchen scale also has a specially designed liquid conversion function that can calculate the volume of water and milk. You can add a timer function to make your baking and cooking accurately calculate the time.