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Zhejiang Tiansheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electronic scales with a history of 47 years. The company has a technical department, a R&D department, and has professional technical personnel to provide strong support for new produ

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To achieve the company’s sustainable development and coexist and co-prosper with our partners of interest, our company, taking the humanity and dignity into account, has set the business philosophy below:

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I, use the opportunity here, first to express my sincere appreciation to these partners and customers who have been continuously supporting us and our products.

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we keep trying our brand to keep improving












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TianSheng is committed to be a healthy weight scale industry benchmarking enterprises

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Purchasing skills of household electronic scales

Purchasing skills of household electronic scales

2020-08-15   3851

Electronic scale is a kind of weighing instrument, which uses Hooke's law or the lever balance principle of force to measure the mass of objects.Electronic scale is mainly composed of three parts: load-bearing system (such as scale pan and scale MORE...

How to use household electronic scales.

How to use household electronic scales.

2020-08-15   3752

I don't know if you have any experience of losing weight. Generally, there is a household electronic scale in a family, which is mainly used to weigh your own weight. Electronic scales are everywhere on Taobao. When you buy them, they may be a l MORE...

Brand quality and after-sales of electronic scales are the key

Brand quality and after-sales of electronic scales are the key

2020-08-15   3679

Buying the brand and quality of electronic scales is the key. With the development of economy, there are vendors and shops in every street.At this time, the most used products should be electronic scales, and various electronic scales will rush into MORE...

Electronic weighing equipment

Electronic weighing equipment

2020-08-15   3705

The so-called traditional weighing equipment, we should understand a lot of, for example in the countryside, we hang hook steelyard, a steelyard with a weights, mainly use the lever principle and the force balance to measure weight, this principle in MORE...