Electronic weighing equipment

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The so-called traditional weighing equipment, we should understand a lot of, for example in the countryside, we hang hook steelyard, a steelyard with a weights, mainly use the lever principle and the force balance to measure weight, this principle in traditional weighing equipment widely used and such as scale, by adding weight to the test object weight. Traditional weighing equipment along with the progress of the times, the need of economic life gradually shows its limitations and shortcomings. Large and large objects need to be weighed to be a waste of human, and it is very complicated to weigh. Like some small micro objects, traditional weighing cannot measure, accuracy is too low.

Electronic scale is conform to the economic and social development need, and the development of a high precision, wide measurement range of weighing, electronic said the main components of the divided into three parts, the scale, the second is the sensor and display. Its basic working principle is that the body of the body after the scale to produce the pressure, this pressure and transmission to the sensor, the sensor sensitive beam will be deformed, sensor deformation generated by the signal into identifiable data, then the data transmitted to the CPU (central processor) is calculated, CPU will be calculated results transmitted to the monitor. The whole process can be summed up in a word is the force into a recognizable electrical signal, and then the calculation of the electrical signal into the weight of the unit number.

Electronic scale is not only used to weigh, in accordance with the application range can be divided into the valuation scale, counting scales, weighing scales.

This is my understanding of the electronic scale, a lot of advice!