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Ningbo Yue Na Export &Import Co.,Ltd.established in 2001.
In order to provide the better serve to market and customers ,we have set up warehouses and offices in several markets in Africa in recently years,like Cote d'Ivoire,Nigeria, Senegal,Mali,etc.   
Our shinning advantage and functions
1.  Conveniently.
Overseas warehouses are closer local customers. You can visit our warehouse and select goods at any time.
2. Fastly.
When customer have any request, you can purchase the goods from our warehouse directly, also we can arrange the delivery with good rate. 
3. Low risk.
Such a convenient and fast trading method can reduce the financial pressure of customers and the risk of accumulating inventory.
4. Diversity.
 In addition to the products in our warehouse, we can ask our colleagues in Chinese office to help purchasing as long as customers have other need .

We are capable to help u in business from all aspects as your demanding and requirements.

Our products,we have two mainly business fields.
Field A:Different Fabric
T/R & T/C.Popplin  Such as LANA,Cashmere,T/C,Twill ...etc
Bed Sheet Fabric
Rayan Fabric:XR132,XR503,GAS
Africa Traditional Fabric:(polyester & cotton) Waxed,Damask.
All kinds of knitting fabric. Such as:Tricot,Rib,Fleece,etc.
Field B:Garment’s Accessories.
Such as:Zipper,Thread,Tape,Lace,Button,Sewing machine parts,etc.
Warmly welcome your communication, we will help you to explore and develop the market together.


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